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The transformation of hides and skins is quite old and has achieved in recent years a high level of technological development that allows processes more efficient and faster with less harm to the environment.

The raw material is acquired by CV HIDES from the Northeast and is collected through our own vehicles and transported to the tannery where it begins the process of transformation.

In the first stage of processing, BROOK, for those are hydrated, stripped and waxed, thus, ready for the start of the second phase, TANNING. In this step, the leather is chemically modified acquiring resistance and, at this stage of processing is called WET BLUE aspect due to wet and blue color obtained by the chemicals used. The skins are then classified and measures may be sold or stored for future use in other manufacturing processes.

For use in the manufacture of articles for footwear, clothing or devices, the skins stage Wet Blue must undergo new chemical process, retanning and / or dyeing, which acquire specific features in accordance with the purpose of use. Then go through various mechanical processes until they reach their final characteristics when they can be used for making shoes, clothing or artifacts.